Dr. Chris Stout
Professor & Researcher
Dr. Chris Stout is a licensed clinical psychologist and Founding Director of the Center for Global Initiatives. He also founded GordianKnot, LLC, and is VP of Research and Data Analytics for ATI. He is on faculty in the University of Illinois College of Medicine, has served at the UN, was a Baldrige Examiner, and was one of the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders of Tomorrow, in addition to being an Invited Faculty at Davos. Dr. Stout is a Fellow in the APA, past President of the IPA, and is a member of the National Academies of Practice. He was educated at Purdue, University of Chicago and Forest Institute, gaining over 24 awards and four scholarships and was Valedictorian of his doctoral class. Dr. Stout was also a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School. He has garnered over 40 postdoctoral awards, published 35 books and received four additional doctorates.
4 articles by Dr. Chris Stout
A Roadmap to Better Healthcare Using Big Data
Big data seems to be the answer to everything these days. It's especially attractive as a way to disrupt large, traditional industries that were built before we had the ability to connect people and information.
Healthcare, Innovation, Technological Advances: Are there really Medical Unicorns?
Some industry experts say that without a doubt, the healthcare system in America is broken. Many reasons are given. Some say it’s a result of long-running, compounding fractures of competing interests, disconnected payment schemes, rival financial motives, poor visibility to costs, massive amounts of regulatory rules and requirements, complex layering of protocol and training, and the list sadly goes on and on… And all of this mess is in the context of high-stakes, literal life-and-death nature
How Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning are changing Healthcare
Thus far we’ve just been considering primarily treatment related aspects of healthcare and medicine, but what about preventing the need for an intervention or injury in the first place? From my daily focus on the analytical realm of sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation, I am very interested in and have published on complex systems and nonlinear relationships in hospitals’ functioning and healthcare.
Blockchain Approaches to Electronic Medical Record Security
With the need to integrate healthcare records from multiple providers, registries, and pharmacies (including data on diet and supplements), patient record security is a growing challenge. Will a blockchain approach keep a patient's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data safe? I published an article on LinkedIn that stated, Peter Nichol argues that blockchain technology will revolutionize healthcare and provide the security necessary to prevent record breaches and data hostage situations.
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