Dave Stephens
CEO, FreeAgent Software
Dave Stephens is an enterprise applications visionary with more than twenty years of experience. He is currently CEO of FreeAgent Software, which he recently founded. Most recently, he served as General Manager at ServiceNow, one of the fastest growing cloud companies in the world. Prior to ServiceNow, Dave spent two tours of duty at Oracle, totaling 13 years, where he led a 1,200-person workforce in 24 countries. He also led systems integrations (including Sun, RightNow, Taleo, and Eloqua), operational profit improvements, and product development for CRM and procurement applications. Between Oracle roles, he spent four years as co-founder and CEO of Coupa, an enterprise expense management startup that recently went public (NASDAQ: COUP). Dave has led turnarounds and managed IT / systems integration on more than 15 mergers and 800+ improvement projects. Outside the office, Dave enjoys watching ice and roller hockey, rooting for the 49ers, and playing steel string guitar.
2 articles by Dave Stephens
Why the "Gig Economy" Will Kill Corporate-Issued Tech
Imagine hiring a carpenter and having him show up at your home only to ask you where the tools are. First, you'd be shocked. Second, you'd find another carpenter.
The Secret Way our "Gig Economy" Is Powering Huge Corporate Profits
Just in case you’ve been living under a non-WIFI-enabled rock, the new "gig economy" refers to workers completing discrete engagements one at a time instead of holding one permanent job with an employer. Most of these engagements are done by freelancers, who are empowered to work when they want, use the tools they want, and choose the jobs they want. Viva la revolucion!
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