David Thompson
CTO, Western Union
David Thompson transforms companies using today's innovative technologies. He is currently EVP of Global Operations and CTO of Western Union, where he is responsible for building and developing the global IT infrastructure to support the next generation of payment products and services. He has more than 20 years of experience within the high-technology industry and has served as group president of Services and Support and Global CIO of Symantec Corporation. At Symantec Corporation, David provided expert solutions and support in information security, technology, availability and storage. Earlier in his career, he was SVP and CIO of Oracle Corporation and VP of Services and CIO of PeopleSoft, Inc. He is also currently a director of CoreSite Realty Corporation. David has previously worked at Mitre and started his career in technology as a systems development officer in the United States Air Force. He studied at Marymount University and American University.
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Western Union: Spanning the World With Hybrid Cloud
Have you ever wondered what really happens when you transfer money to someone on the opposite side of the world through your mobile device? For the person sending money, this process involves, in many instances, opening an app, selecting a recipient, entering their details, and choosing how they'd like to send the money — perhaps it's cash to a mobile wallet, bank account or prepaid card. The recipient will then get notified almost immediately that the money is available for pickup.
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