Jon Gallagher
Architect & Trainer
Jon has decades of experience building, deploying, and managing large computer systems, networks, and network management systems for groups ranging from telecommunications companies and global banks to startups throughout California and Oregon. He started off building systems with racks of hardware, and now builds systems with lines of code. His current focus is teaching other engineers how to leverage cloud-based technologies to create faster, scalable, more flexible, and more cost-efficient products and services. Jon is Director of Training for TeamNow, where he delivers Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud training, creates and delivers custom cloud technology training, and consults on cloud system deployment and management. Jon is also CTO of Cadence Resource Group, where he is responsible for coordinating all aspects of cloud deployment and consulting efforts for the company's clients and partners. Jon has a BS from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Thunderbird School for Global Management.
3 articles by Jon Gallagher
The Cloud and the Interstate Highway System: Exploiting Change to Disrupt Industry
I don't read business books to get ideas about business strategy. I read history. Throughout history, human beings have confronted change.
Entrepreneurship with the Cloud: What Would A.P. Giannini Do?
As my colleagues and I have been talking about here at, changes in technology are occurring at exponential rates. This is overwhelming, awesomely fun and incredibly challenging. But sometimes I have to step off the ever-accelerating carousel to re-focus on my business goals, to remember who my customers are and to understand the reasons people buy and use my products.
The Role of IT in the New Cloud Economy
As organizations undertake continuous improvement initiatives, an obvious focus of their attention is the cloud. But as the cloud economy matures, questions arise about the role of IT in this new world. This article addresses some of the questions I’m asked most frequently.
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