Jason Warner
VP Engineering, Heroku
Jason is VP Engineering at Heroku, the world's leading PaaS and one of the largest cloud computing providers in the world. He cares deeply about the future of technology, developer experience, and growing companies. Jason is a people oriented product technologist who is passionate about building both the technical and human systems needed for scale and growth. Before Heroku, Jason worked to make Linux accessible to everyone by leading product engineering for Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Phone at Canonical. Jason is also an active speaker, writer, and advisor on cloud computing, technology and leadership. His activities include formally and informally advising startup and established executives, as well as active coaching and mentoring future product and technology leaders.
1 article by Jason Warner
Keys to Creating an Effective Cloud Strategy
While companies are scrambling to "move to the cloud," most don't know what that entails, and even fewer have an actual cloud strategy. Having a nonexistent or poor cloud strategy wastes time and money, of course. Moreover, a poor strategy can cause long-term negative effects on hiring, employee retention, partner trust, and reputation. The reality is that a bad cloud strategy can kill a company and is probably worse than no strategy at all.
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