Laura Mather
CEO, Unitive
Laura combines expertise in technology, insights into human behavior and an entrepreneurial savvy to address major challenges facing business and society. Laura is currently Co-founder & CEO of Unitive, a talent management platform to make HR efficient by eliminating unconscious bias. She previously co-founded Silver Tail Systems in 2008 before it was acquired by RSA, the security division of EMC in 2012. Laura began her career at the National Security Agency and then before pioneering anti-phishing practices for eBay and PayPal in the early 2000s. In 2012, Laura was named number 16 on Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business list, number six on Fortune's list of Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs and number nine on Business Insider's list of Most Powerful Women Engineers. In 2013, she was named to the top 50 Future Digital Strategists for Corporate Boards by Agenda magazine. She has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics.
3 articles by Laura Mather
HR in the Cloud
It's no secret that the hiring process needs a reboot. If you've ever been hired, or hired people to work for your organization, you're likely to concur that many companies still operate in the dark ages...
Hiring With Your Gut Instinct? Think Again.
Good, reliable decision-making is critical to the hiring process. There's just too much at stake!
Why Values-Based Hiring Will Become Companies’ Greatest Asset
Months after Election Day, everyone in the United States continues to feel the tensions that rocked the 2016 presidential race. The election has revealed that Americans are divided by nearly every metric imaginable - race, age, geographic region, education level, and religion, and companies in every sector are feeling those divided both internally and externally, regardless of their political involvement. Many, like Apple are struggling to unite diverse workforces.
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