Michael Kovacs
Founder, openchannel.io
Michael is a Founder and COO at OpenChannel. Helping the world's most innovative companies grow their developer ecosystem and transform their products into platforms, OpenChannel supports leading software, hardware and virtual reality companies in successfully launching and managing their own app marketplace and developer community. He's an Alumni at the venture backed Alchemist Accelerator and mentor at The Knowledge Society, a top innovation program exposing today's youth to technology and topics that will affect our future. Teaching and training martial arts for over 25 years, he's a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, former Ringside World Boxing Champion, and has performed as a professional musician throughout Europe and Asia.
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Your Product Will Lose to a Platform
Great products win by solving a single problem better than anything else, but to stay ahead, companies need to innovate faster than their competition. Embracing your developer ecosystem and becoming a platform is proven way to create and sustain innovation. The world's leading companies have been doing it for years, and today more companies are winning by becoming a platform.
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