Peter Cohen
Co-founder, AWS
Peter Cohen is the principal and founder of Xendota. He is a 17­-year Amazon veteran and founding member of Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he spent eleven years in senior technical and business roles helping to build the business. At AWS, he drove and contributed to product definition, development and direction for several core AWS cloud service offerings. Most recently he led strategy, acquisition and investment for AWS. Prior to this role, Peter built and ran the Amazon Mechanical Turk business, and managed several engineering teams responsible for building and operating core technology and computing-related architectural initiatives for the company. Since his retirement from Amazon in 2014, Peter is focused on providing strategy, technology, business advisory and board member services to a number of organizations worldwide, as well as early stage investment and company incubation.
2 articles by Peter Cohen
The Economic Inversion That Created the Cloud
In 2003, I had the good fortune of being a founding member of the AWS team and to have spent more than decade helping define, build and operate the services that comprise Amazon's cloud offering.
Open Source Software and Commodity Hardware are Dead
The early 2000s saw open source software and commodity hardware start to displace closed source software and proprietary hardware. In the future, public clouds similar to those operated by Amazon and Google will also displace open source software and commodity hardware.
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