Steve Cotton
CCO, AquaMetals
Steve Cotton is the Chief Commercial Officer of Aqua Metals. He is working to help Aqua Metals reduce emissions, toxic waste and unsafe labor conditions when it comes to recycling metals. His background is in building, deploying, managing and decommissioning a better lead-acid battery. Prior to his current position, Steve spent 15 years as the cofounder and CEO of Data Power Monitoring Corporation and IntelliBatt (now Canara), a company with data center battery-monitoring products and services that he grew from his garage to a global multi-million dollar company. Canara was acquired by Columbia Capital in June 2012. He started his career in product development, business development and sales and has held positions at Sendmail, Inc., Lucent Technologies and Octel Communications. Steve holds several patents in the area of battery monitoring and has a BS in computer information systems with a focus on telecommunications from California State University, Chico.
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The Cloud Isn't The White Fluffy Place You Might Think It Is
Everyone uses the cloud more than they realize - every household brand is on the cloud. That includes banking institutions, Internet brands and online properties like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Netflix. Today, companies have an Internet presence sitting on thousands of enormous warehouses full of servers, batteries and wires. The growing challenge for data center operators is to figure out how everything will be waste managed, or better yet, recycled.
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