Vishy Venugopalan
Venture Capitalist
Vishy has a broad set of experience as an entrepreneur, analyst and investor. He is currently a venture investor at Citi Ventures. Vishy invests in startups that are transforming enterprises through the use of data. He is particularly fascinated by recent advances in artificial intelligence, and how analytics and automation are emerging as the lifeblood of the new economy. Before joining Citi in 2016, Vishy co-founded a conversational commerce startup for retail. Earlier, he was on the investment teams at Bessemer and Longworth Venture Partners, where he covered Big Data and cloud computing startups. He was also an enterprise IT analyst at The 451 Group and a software engineer. Vishy has an MBA from Wharton, S.B. and M.Eng. degrees in Computer Science and an S.B. in Cognitive Science from MIT. A resident of sunny Redwood City, CA, Vishy enjoys hiking and international travel.
2 articles by Vishy Venugopalan
Why Data Analysis is Like NBA Basketball
The process of going from raw data to business decisions is complex - let us examine the challenges and opportunities for enterprises as they move towards a culture of data-driven decisions.
Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly: The Road To Enterprise AI
Artificial intelligence has taken the public imagination by storm in the last few years. Consumer-facing technology has seen a wide range of new products--from in-home assistants to self-driving car technology--that show us a glimpse of the potential for AI technology. The adoption of AI in the enterprise, however, is an entirely different story. Although AI can unleash revenue opportunities or cost savings within an enterprise, its benefits are both domain-specific and company-specific. In the
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